What does farm to fork really mean?

The slogan, term, movement, “farm to fork” is still being defined. What started as a “movement” revolving around “where does my food come from”, has now grown as an idea to include the concepts of “traceability” and farming conditions. The term is also related to the various “green deals” surfacing in the US, UK, and EU as leaders in the global transition in the food market. Just like every single other concept, Farm to Fork is being constantly defined by our choices. If you buy something because you think “organic” means good, then the term “organic" has been reduced to exactly that.
In contrast to all of that, Vanille Vanille provides you with beyond organic, traceable, premium harvest straight from the farm. This means that we can trace the product we sell to the farm it was grown at, it also means that we do not mix our product with less quality harvest along the way to your table (a common practice nevertheless). To the contrary, the same handpicked natural harvest reaches you intact, with the farming process being sustainable and natural to begin with.